Car Insurance Coverage You Didn't Know You Had

Many people pay a substantial amount of money to other companies for coverage that they already have with their GEICO car insurance! Stop spending extra money and instead, reward yourself for having such foresight and savvy. Here's a quick list of car insurance coverage options you might not even know you have.

  1. Roadside assistance. Still spending hard cash on popular roadside assistance companies? Check your car insurance coverage or ask about roadside assistance when updating your coverage. From towing coverage to lock-smith accessibility, emergency roadside assistance coverage is a quick phone call away.
  2. Rental car coverage. Many car insurance companies provide rental car coverage that is much more affordable than the options at the rental counter. Don't assume you have coverage—instead, call your GEICO representative to find out what is covered or how you may be able to add it to your policy before traveling.
  3. Medical. You may have additional medical coverage available through your car insurance policy.
  4. Belongings. If your car is broken into, check your car insurance or homeowners coverage. Depending on the items stolen and their value, you might be covered.
  5. Full Glass Coverage. Road debris and other objects can result in a costly broken windshield. This is optional on some coverage but for the small additional amount it might be a good investment. Ask your GEICO representative if it's included in your policy or how to add it.